About Me
Argentinian artist born on May 23 1968 in Buenos Aires where she resides. She is autodidact that uses the ink as the main element for her art work.

Her drawings are abstract because is in them that she finds the biggest freedom of expression and even though they don't relate to a real object the use of forms has to do with the way she sees the world. Most of her inspiration comes from Joaquín Torres Garcia contructivism and she is always been a great admirer of Jean Dubuffet. Her exclusive design on ceramic form part of the newest collection for the renowed stores Falabella in Argentina.

Our beloved art has less than two centuries. We are a product of italians, spanish, swedish, dutch, french and in general from Europe. Nowadays to find someone in search of and identity that is the pure reflection of itself it is very rare. She generates surprise, the nicest sensation which is hard to find. Florencia wants her art to be for everybody not only an elite. She wants her drawings and creations to reach everyone. It Could be apply to tableware, textiles, carpet. She will reach the dimensionality in no time and we will be talking about Artica's relief and sculptures. Florencia respects Ortega & Gasset and it's famous saying "Argentines do your thing".
• Flor / Divine
• Nature / Miracle
• Ocean / Deep
• Black &White
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